Mittwoch, 1. Mai 2013

Erdmännchen/ Meerkat

Dieses Mal gibt es keine neue Maus
This time it is no new mouse
 sondern ein Erdmännchen das neugierig in die Welt guckt
but a meerkat that is looking nosily in the world
 Immer wachsam
always watchful
schaut er in alle Richtungen
 he looked in all directions
Er ist 5,5cm groß
He measures 5,5cm (2,17 inches)
Wenn er lange genug sucht, dann findet er vielleicht irgendwann ein neues Zuhause
If he looks long enough, he might find a new home sometime

Meinen deutschen Lesern wünsche ich heute einen schönen Maifeiertag!

Today I want to explain something to all my non- German speaking blog-friends:
I have since I was 17, (that´s more than 20 years ago) two very sick kidneys, so I have to take very powerful medicine. This medicine enables me to survive but unfortunately it has also much hard side effects.
One of them are a lot of dying brain cells. Of course it is hard if you know that you are going to be a little bit "dumber" every day, but I´m still alive and this is much more than I dared to hope a few month ago. For this reason I have very often big problems to concentrate by reading and to understand what I read. This is particularly bad if I read (or write) in a foreign language. Some day it is easier, and some day it is not possibly!
So it is really hard for me to write in English, but I hope you can mostly understand what I mean ;-)
I´m really happy to read all of your comments and I´m glad you´ve find and visit my blog.
I love to look and read at your blogs too, but somedays I can´t take in the meaning of the text and so I can´t leave a comment! Normally I try it the next day again or the next or the next... and sometimes you have post something new before I can do a comment at the old...and the game starts from beginning.
What I want to say is: Please don´t be angry, if I don´t always leave a comment at your blogs...
I´ll give my best and I really try to be more reliable in this respect but sometimes it is not possibly for me.
Thanks for your understanding!


  1. Super Erdmännchen, ich werde einmal meine Frau Evelin Erdmann befragen ob er vielleicht als Ehemann in Frage kommt. Einen schönen Feiertag liebe Grüße Britta

  2. Hi Melanie. Your meerkat is so cute. I am sorry to hear of your struggles with your health but it is good the drugs help, despite the side effects. I never take offence if people don't comment on my blogs so please do not worry. I just love to read your blog and see what you have created. Hugs.

  3. Wieder so ein putziges Wesen :D
    Ich wünsch´ Dir auch einen schönen, gemütlichen 1.Mai!
    Liebe Grüsse, Sandra

  4. I love your little meerkat. I know you have suffered bad health, and I quite understand. Take life one day at a time and enjoy as much as you can.
    HUgs Kay

  5. Melli das ist ja zuckersüss, allererste Sahne!! Und 5,5 cm soll es nur gross sein?? sieht da viel grösser aus.

    LG von Sylvia

  6. Oh ein Wachmann in Miniformat, klasse. Wünsche einen schönen 1. Mai mit Sonne und Kaffee und Kuchen. Melli du bist einfach nur klasse, wie kann man so was süßes in so einer Größe fertigen? Hut ab das ist genial.
    -- Dirk --

  7. Erdmännchen sind ja bekanntermaßen seeeeeeeehr soziale Tiere... da müssten also eigentlich noch einige von den Schnuckeln dazu kommen. Schau doch mal in Deiner Modelliermasse nach... obwohl - man kann ja irgendwie nie so recht wissen, wen Du da als Nächstes hervor zaubern wirst. Allerdings wissen wir immer WAS, denn eins steht fest, was immer es auch für ein Wesen sein mag, es hat immer diesen speziellen Touch von Melli-Magie!

    Liebe Grüße
    Flutterby und Birgit

  8. Oh Melli, I am sorry to hear that you are so hard hit by disease. It's so great for you that you have found this hobby where you can escape some hours. I must say that your English is perfect and very much understandable. As I wrote to you on your previous post, you have a special humor and when you can get it up in a language other than your native language, then you're really good at this language.

    I know my self that some days it's hard to focus than others.
    I find that right here in blog land, there are high ceilings, many of us blogger have our challenges of various kinds, and we fully understand that there are good and bad days and sometimes life takes over .
    So take care you of yourself and I'm always happy for a comment, but I do not sit and keep a record of how many comments I give out and how many I get back.
    A great big hug Meli and take care.
    Again a cute mouse you have made.

  9. Mensch Melli, was soll ich eigentlich noch schreiben über dein Können???? Der kleine Wachsoldat ist einfach mega und ich bin immer hin und weg, was für süße Lebewesen du zaubärst. Du hast irgendwie 2 rechte Hände ;O))
    Drück dich ♥

  10. Your meerkat is wonderful Melli!

    One thing I have learned about my mini blog friends is that they are some of the most understanding and wonderful people I have ever met and if it was not for the blogs I would have never had the chance to meet them. Please take all the time you need, your health is most important.
    Huggs to you,

  11. hi Melli
    do not worry I am sure no one feels you do not comment on purpose, there are a lot of us in blog land that have various problems, I know when my condition flares up I get wonderful messages for my blog friends, there are a bunch of wonderful people on here, always ready to give support and care about you, take care of yourself and remember you have friends that care x

  12. I am sorry to learn about your health situation I hope very soon some cure will be found. Please Melli, you don't have to post in English. There are translators that work perfectly well. Your
    whimsical characters and photos make it even easier to understand. About making comments, it's exusable for any reason at all. (Imagine what would happen if 500 followers commented on a post each time it appears.)
    I love your meerkat. He does look on his guard, ready for alarm. Sweet animal.

    Hugs, Drora

  13. ese pequeño suricato es una preciosidad
    siento lo de tu enfermedad, y me alegro de que tu medicacion de resultado aunque tenga unos efectos secundarios tan fuertes, de todos modos el traductor de google no siempre hace comprensible lo que uno lee,no te preocupes y deja comentario siempre que puedas o te apetezca , siempre sera bienvenido




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